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Precision Cutting ServiceLooking for the ideal solution to service your precision profile cutting needs? Look no further as your answer is here with Advanced Profiles, a Canadian industry leader in precision profile cutting. Specializing in projects both big and small, Advanced Profiles has dominated the market with a wide ranging client base in industry sectors such as petrochemicals, nuclear, marine, solar energy, automotive, aerospace, and textiles with each new challenging endeavour approached with renewed vigour and zeal. The end goal is always to satisfy and surpass each and every client expectation while making Advanced Profiles the most sought after company in the industry delivering superior cutting services.
How it's done
Customer input is always a priority in choosing the type of process best suited for the demands of each individual project. Once the type of material has been assessed, one of two methods is assigned for the task: Plasma/Oxy-Fuel or WaterJet. For the most demanding of jobs WaterJet is choice while plasma is better suited for materials of lesser tolerance which include mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. As you can see there is no material unfit for our precision cutting services with the unprecedented flexibility we offer. We cut just about anything into any shape you want!
We Value Your Service and Your Time
We at Advanced Profiles recognize the need for quick turn around time especially in the manufacturing industry, as the popular adage goes, "Time is money!” In light of this our company ensures our equipment is top of the line and up to standard, more than capable of delivering timely cost-effective service without neglecting the importance of quality in precision cutting. The next time a need for our service arises do not hesitate to pick up the phone and dial our number at (905)695-1245 or visit our company website at and experience the expertise we bring to the table! And remember…
"Our commitment to you and your work flow is second only to our investment in equipment and technology.”
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